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Message from Penny Casey

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June 27, 2018

Good afternoon all: I just wanted to say thank you to those who attended our meeting last night, and to those who couldn’t make it, you missed the good food we had and missed hearing about all the exciting new things we have going on for the next few months. I would like to let everyone know that you will be receiving a phone call from Bee Seen Solutions in regards to your site, going forward any issues,changes and or upgrades you have will be done thru them directly, with a service package plan option which will be explained to you when they call. Many issues were discussed last night, the two most important ones that we’re facing in our Association, the IRS and our membership. I understand we all are busy, and we all have our differences, but I will continue to say this ,if “YOU ALL” want to make this Association work, if “YOU ALL” really care about the ” industry” ” YOUR BUSINESSES” and where we are heading, and what’s going on, you NEED to attend. For two hours lets all try and come together and focus on just that, instead of personal issues that serve no purpose what so ever here other than to divide us. This Association has so much to offer its members, with all the new things we plan on doing here, to the few out there, it isn’t just about “using job trade only” or coming to a “FREE” meeting/event, it’s about coming together and working towards a goal. If were going to fight any type of fight we need to do it together, not with a handful of people, you, the members represent LILA, there for, if you don’t attend the meetings you can’t say you didn’t know, or better yet, you weren’t aware or told and then have issues about things voted on. Its a brand new year, new eager board members , new blood, new ideas give them a chance and help be part of the change ahead. A special thank you to Holly Clinton from Business Development for setting up LILA with our credit card processing and for giving back to our Association, she’s here to help all our members with what they need with their businesses,and Gigi who’s brother Gee, owns Kickback Limos, thank you for coming all the way from NJ to help be a part of this Association. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to working with you on all our upcoming hospitality events. Please mark your calendars LILA will be having a BBQ Tuesday July 31st 7pm @ Charlie’s Bar & Marina, Lindenhurst.

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