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Message From Penny Casey

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May 22, 2018

“here we sit one week until elections, I have made it very clear that I want, and need your vote on Tuesday May the 29th; if elected, I plan to be the President for all current members, new members and those that are considering to be members.

As I’ve stated several times, this past year has been tough for all parties involved: with that however, I am proud to talk about the changes made to our great Association; such as repairing the tax issues, fixing our banking problems, offering a brand new updated web site, continuing and improving our relations with Long Island Law Makers, etc.

As I agree, there is much to do, make no mistake about it, I am up for the task, looking for your help, looking for your suggestions, and asking for your support on May the 29th.

Let’s change the tone, move ahead, and work together in making this FUN again!
Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday May 29th 7pm @ the Westbury Manor.
Thank you !
Penny For President

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