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Procedure for Absantee Ballots

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April 30, 2018

Instructions for absentee ballots: A MEMBER must request a ballot via e-mail to John Salmon @ no later than May 12th a copy of that request will be sent to the President of LILA as per the By-Laws.
John Salmon will email said ballot to the requesting MEMBER with a code/number designated to that MEMBER requesting the ballot; ballot sent to only the MEMBERS business email (traceability).
The MEMBER will fill out the ballot and return IT to J Salmon via mail; post marked by no later than May 15th per By Laws (one ballot/vote per MEMBER)
J Salmon to send a return email accepting ballot when recieved (traceability).
J Salmon to hold in CONFIDENCE all ballots while not opening envelope until day of election.
On the day of election, the nominating committee will retire to a private room, count the votes on the day of election presented; they will additionally, as a group open the sealed ABSENTEE ballots for countering purposes (matching code to MEMBER, this in order to make sure MEMBER didn’t vote more than once)
Once count is completely tallied, results to be shared on day of election to MEMBERSHIP. Any ballots which have been altered and do not match when returned will be null and void. All absentee ballots are to be mailed to: John Salmon. PO Box 1095, Commack, NY 11725.

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